Market Facilitation Index---Can it be coded for an EA?
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Thread: Market Facilitation Index---Can it be coded for an EA?

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    Question Market Facilitation Index---Can it be coded for an EA?

    I have a template set for trading the Euro/Usd on a 15 min. time frame. It consist of the Fractals, Laguerre ROC, and BW Market Facilitation Index. The only bar from the MFI I'm using is the "Squat" Pink bar.
    The setup is nice,clean, and efficent. Can the Pink bar on the BW MFI be coded for an EA? Please keep in mind the Fractal won't set until the 3rd bar and the MFI Pink won't set until the close of the current bar.I am aware of some of the repainting problems with the Fractals and the MFI. It's not too bad,tolerable.This is such a hot Template and I can go ahead manually,which may be the best way to do it,but I thought I would ask the Pro's.If ok with the forum,I would prefer to hold off posting the template until I find out about it's EA prognosis. Thanks a bunch.
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    Maybe I can explain in more detail exactly what I need done or looked at. I would need The Pink bar from the MFI to interact or react to the Fractal or vise versa. Connect the 2 indicators. Also, the Laguerre ROC would determine the trade. Perhaps the SonicR PV candle indicator may come into play for those few times when the trade goes against the Laguerre ROC.
    I believe the key to the grail is volume and it's action. Thus the MFI and Laguerre indicators, and perhaps the SonicR PV Candles.
    I have an excellent trade entry point,but am undecided on the exit. Would have a small drawdown of 15 pips for the Stop Loss.The take profit is going to depend on the exit strategy. But, the runs have been from 15-60 pips. It looks like it would trade maybe 3-5 times a day,depending on the market,nothing is for certain. Thanks in advance for any wisdom and feedback!!

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    This can be turned into an ea. Contact me (pm) with your contact details and I will see what I can do for you.

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Market Facilitation Index---Can it be coded for an EA?