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    well this idea has been tried here once but I think this method manually work reall good IF you follow the rules here:

    Scalping system #11 (The Center of Gravity) | Forex strategies revealed

    and here's this guys statement:

    Statement: 568858 - 100-1

    so here are the rules:

    I am thinking that the EA has to know the last x candles of the COG values. Meaning if the last x amount of bars has the COG bands are showing lower values, then it would know the market is short. if price is still above the center line at that particular point, then it would look to short as soon as it broke a whole/half number by 1 pip. rules would be opposite for a long trade. if the last x amount of COG values on the last bars are reading higher, then it would know it is an uptrend. if price is still below the center band at this point AND hits a whole/half number, then it would go long 1 pip above that and exit at the next whole/half number. stop would always be the opposite whole/half number. stop shouldn't have to be very high as we know trend and we're using psychological levels of 25,50,75,00 works in the euro/us overlap the best as described by the original guy above. where most of the trend happens

    money management .1 lots for every 1000.00

    adjustable start and stop time
    template and indicators are below

    I have tried to manually trade it myself at the wrong time of day and it still did pretty good.

    note: these indicator are programmed for a 5 digit broker so it needs to work on 5 digits and not 4. I never look at 4 digit mt4's anymore because almost everyone is swithing to fractional price so spreads can get lower. the spreads should be no more than 5 at time of entry. this is for the 5 minute charts AND NO TRADES ON FRIDAY WHATSOEVER!
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Center of gravity EA idea great method