Hi all,

Normally, when people first hear about martingale, they often think about disaster for small accounts. Yes, it is true. Because martingale often opens orders with some blind indicator - some of them may open first order with indicator, but from the second level, it is naked with some fixed market gap.

I am running a mannual martingale system. It is quite profitable, stable. All order levels are opened based on indicators and technical analysis.

I am looking for a partner to develop an EA based on this strategy. The art is not based on indicator, but on how to manage profit, loss, lot size, order group and market range.

Idicators used:

- MACD, fast and slow
- Envelopes

Basic order management includes:

- Profit secure
- Trailing profit
- Group order profit/loss management

If you expect to see a money printer, then this is not.

Successful operation of this system is 80% automatic, 20% human supervision. Expected average monthly stable profit is 10-20%.

If you are interested, we may discuss in further details.

My skype: vinhlq_umt