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    Neo I played with it as I wanted to make the Trailing Stop work on the profit side and the OrderClose All work on the loss side...but it had bugs..(.reacting counter to the direction of the currency). I really want to get the CloseAll at profit with Trailing Stop AND CloseAll PENDING LIMIT ORDERS at that time too figured out first as I'd like to use this with live accounts. Anyone have any ideas...?? The code from shisuyu and the code from me are unrelated... Neo you can make it work like you want if you open two different charts and attach shisuyu's two programs on those separately ....BillR

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    Quote Originally Posted by BillR View Post
    Neo you can make it work like you want if you open two different charts and attach shisuyu's two programs on those separately ....BillR
    Cheers for the input. I guess it will have to be the two-chart formula unless I can find a better equity manager that I don't have to fork out for.

    Another feature that would be brilliant would be to have an input which would close all on a percentage of balance. For example, maybe you want to close all trades when your equity digs into 7% of your account. The nice thing about being able to control the equity proft/loss with percentages is that as your account increases (hopefully!), the stops are changed on the fly.

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    Might work...BillR

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    The common mistake is when traders and investors buy or sell when the rate on currency is cheap. Sometimes this is a good move, but just because the rate is low, does not mean that it will profit the investor.

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    BillR, Awsome and doing what I expect, but i'm very late to read this post ( disucssed long ago), onthing I observed is I could not modify "My_money_profit_target" to 0.50, the only accepted values is $1 onward, is it possible we can edit this to <$1?

    Pls help


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