"Drain the banks" scalping method by TRO

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Thread: "Drain the banks" scalping method by TRO

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    We appreciate your contributions Tro but as I mentioned before if your system is as easy you say then make an ea for it. Funyoo made a very nice one and the results of it do not not match what you indicated your system could do. I stated my opinion and what I mentioned before is still my opinion. Many pips to you Tro.


    Quote Originally Posted by TheRumpledOne View Post
    I DO NOT CODE EAs. That is the reason. It is THAT SIMPLE. There is NO other reason.

    I am easy to find. If you have questions, ASK ME.

    There is always going to be SOMEBODY who won't be making money and they will want to blame me and/or the method/system. DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM!

    All you have to do is come to my FREE PalTalk chat room, the TWO PERCENT CLUB, and you can hear the calls LIVE. You be the judge.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tilong77 View Post
    Hi everbody,
    i have one just like this and infact it is the same ea which featured one of the thread in the forum which i read past 2 week ago.
    Can someone help me find that thread?

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    Quote Originally Posted by thesecret25 View Post
    Can someone help me find that thread?
    "Drain the bank" ea is similar to ISEA EA which both run on ecn broker especially sigmaforex. which originated from "............ea"

    They can run easily on unfiltered forex data broker.

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    which thread you are referring to? ISEA EA in this forum??

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    Default Yes This EA not to good in others broker

    Quote Originally Posted by Goingforward View Post
    Exactly! That is how I believe this should be approached. In order to know if a SIMILAR system would work with wider spreads, first of all it becomes necessary to create an EA based on the "apparent" methodology behind it. In order to do so, I think that a coder should download the platform and watch what the test EA does. The spread does fluctuate althought it is very tight always. The EA has a built in trailing stop with a minimum TP of 2 pips. During breakouts, it places the buy and sell limits at the extreme ends of the breakout range. Then the range adjusts and narrows during periods of less volatility. Now, take all that and other details which a trained eye can spot, and an EA can be written. I am not the one to do it as I am not a coder. I am only tying to provide enough data here so that others can benefit from it and make their job easier.

    I better not say how much the demo account is up to now because I might be accused of showing off again...


    Hi Going Forward,
    I have test this EA for a week in my TadawulFx that have spread 3 for EUCHF and EUGBP and i take this two pairs to implement for this EA. And the result not to good. But still they are still with abundant open trade.
    A little modification in Time to activate the robot considering good result and all win trade in 16 to 8 hour at server time .And i have noted that for two days with this setting you can get $196 in two days trade with 0.1 lot each in standard $2000 account
    Hoping good result for the real account soon
    I attach the demo trading for two days with this robots
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    Default @ Meister Propper

    Hi members,

    meister propper, you can trade this on Alpari UK, i'm trading the system since month on real and i have no problems. Use only the low spread currencypairs like EUR/USD then you will get more winners. Also i can advise to use the Stoploss and Takeprofit Manager from here: https://www.tradingsystemforex.com/s...t-manager.html .
    It will manage the five pips target and keeps the trading calm.

    Good pipping to all...


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    Default isea ea

    EDIT. found out it was not permitted to post the isea ea because it's commercial. i found the files not present so I assume it was deleted anyway. sorry to the admin, didn't know.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cookiemonster View Post
    for those who would like to test. this ea has been taken from My First "Grail" - MQL4 Articles who demonstrates the mistakes in developing expert advisors. i'm just contributing to this so that the community may not be fooled into buying an expert advisor so expensive and find their account wiped. please forgive me if my action was illegitimate.
    Hi cookiemonster and welcome,

    Attachments deleted, you can not post a commercial codes even if it is supposed to be a copy of a free EA.

    Here is a first EA based on the TRO drain the banks system :


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    Rev 8 coming soon.

    Notice the DO NOT REVERSE MESSAGES and the High/Low of the day lines.

    You are on the internet - If you (google) search for it, you'll probably find it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRumpledOne View Post

    Rev 8 coming soon.

    Notice the DO NOT REVERSE MESSAGES and the High/Low of the day lines.
    Your just awsome !!

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"Drain the banks" scalping method by TRO

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