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    Default 0_BV - Indi + EA Needed

    Hi Funyoo,

    I hope you are well.
    I am sorry to trouble you. I have an indicator, it looks
    very interesting when placed on an hourly or 4 hr chart. There are 2 arrows one green and other one brick red, I was wondering if you could turn this into an EA.

    Also this indicator when placed on a 5 min chart it shows arrows on almost each and evry bar, what I would like it to show on 5 min chart is also just 2 arrows but the same arrows which appear on hourly
    chart at the same price. That is showing arrows/signals from a higher time frame onto a lower time frame.

    Buy rules:

    Buy when green arrow appears + x pips TProfit 5pips
    Sell when red arrow appears + x pips TProfit 5pips
    Stop Loss for buy = x pips (try a best stop)
    Stop Loss for sell = x pips (try a best stop)

    For example:

    GBPUSD 1 hr chart
    Green Arrow appears @ 1.524 (at the closeof 1 hr bar) , we will buy @1.5228

    Sell with the same rule.

    Thanks again funyoo for your support

    Kind regards



    #property indicator_chart_window
    #property indicator_buffers 2
    #property indicator_color1 Green
    #property indicator_color2 Maroon

    //---- input parameters
    extern int NumberOfBarsToCalculate = 0;
    extern int SRB = 10;
    //---- indicator buffers
    double EasyBuyBuffer[];
    double EasySellBuffer[];
    double SRBBuffer[];
    //| Custom indicator initialization function |
    int init(){





    double avr_of_prev_bars(int shift,double bnum){
    double sum = 0;
    for(int i=shift+bnum;i>shift;i--){
    sum += MathAbs(Close[i]-Open[i])/Point;
    return (sum / bnum);
    int start() {
    int i,shift;
    int limit = NumberOfBarsToCalculate;
    if(limit==0) limit = Bars;

    int u = 0,d = 0;
    double avg = avr_of_prev_bars(shift,SRB);
    SRBBuffer[shift] = ((MathAbs(Close[shift]-Open[shift])/Point)/avg);
    SRBBuffer[shift] = 0;
    EasyBuyBuffer[shift] = Open[shift] + 0.3 * avg * Point;
    EasySellBuffer[shift]= Open[shift] - 0.6 * avg * Point;
    EasyBuyBuffer[shift] = Open[shift] + 0.6 * avg * Point;
    EasySellBuffer[shift]= Open[shift] - 0.3 * avg * Point;

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    Default 0_BV Indi+EA

    Hello again,

    It seems like that there has been very little or no interest in my last post.
    So I have decided the post a Chart to demonstrate the potential in this
    indicator. You can have 100% wins with it when used correctly.

    Please find attached below the indicator when placed on a 4 Hr Chart and second Chart is 30 min showing exactly what would have happend at the
    lower time frame chart, 30 min or even 5 min

    I hope Funyoo or other friends can look at this indi and make it little bit user friendly as described in my 1st post.

    Thanks a bunch

    Attached Images Attached Images 0_BV - Indi + EA Needed-4-hour-chart-jpg 0_BV - Indi + EA Needed-30min-chart-jpg 

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0_BV - Indi + EA Needed

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