XMA filter - new trend filter, check it out
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Thread: XMA filter - new trend filter, check it out

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    I gave porog settings for 5 digit broker.
    on 4 digit broker this indicator doesn't work on M1 and M5, it needs code adjustment for greater incrementation.
    It is barely enough on 5 digit on M1, sometimes i feel I want to adjust by half digit, but it's not available. I am sure can be programmed.
    I just gave an example where to start, you should do your own tweaking. I am doing another setup for pound. When pound and yen swing in opposite direction or yen gets choppy, gbp/gpy gets choppy as hell. I am surprised this indi still works well and filters out most of the chop.
    But it's better sometimes just to trade Pound when yen goes crazy on M5 or in opposite direction

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    I also feel for targets and better entries you need BB bands, i use 50,250,1250 on M1 on GBP/JPY, also keltner channel gives some clarification. Also I feel Gann lines are important and primarily to filter out shrp contra trend moves. 12 pips/minute is very important angle on M1 GBP/JPY on 5 digit broker.
    And to watch and navigate all that one needs lots of experience and self discipline.
    but I feel all these tools are necessary to objectively control: entries, stops, targets. I don't think trade management is possible with less gear, not without increasing stops/reducing resolution.
    So good trend filters is just one puzzle in trading equation.
    and the most overlooked factor is - you - your time, patience, concentration, capacity, etc.
    I am saying all that, because some naively assume all it takes is one or two magical indies with e-mail alert
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    This are actual positions, posted at time while they are still in progress
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    thanks shairing

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XMA filter - new trend filter, check it out