The EA of backtest results
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Thread: The EA of backtest results

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    Default The EA of backtest results

    Hi all,

    I have a idea.

    We will use only backtest results. We will not be used directly ea.
    İt is possible manuel. but İs it possible main ea.

    I want to say that I want to do external ea outside mt4. and then backtest results write excel, inside mt4 read backtest results with a algoritma and it will be open position in mt4.

    I have algoritma and referans ea.

    is it possible all....

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    MT4 has a DDE link to excel, it is doable there is also an excel trader program that connects to mt4

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    Quote Originally Posted by Metatrader7 View Post
    MT4 has a DDE link to excel, it is doable there is also an excel trader program that connects to mt4
    I know it but referans ea must work outside of mt4.
    may be dll or another think. but is it possible?

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    try this, it runs almost any code, no MT4 glitches, no MT4 broker EA control
    The one trading terminal - PT MultiStation
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    you did not understand what I mean. I'm talking about something else

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    so you want to make MT4 trade the way it back tests?
    or to make the testing engine actualy trade, something like that?
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    it's very simple,
    MT4 has a glitch at its core level.
    They might address it in MT5.
    Real problem, MT4 is free to you and is paid by brokers, so brokers will pay Metaquotes to rather keep all the glitches intact. Because your problems make $$ for the brokers.
    If you want a software that runs EAs as it tests them, then use other software and not MT4. But it is likely that you have to pay for it. Someone has to pay coders. It's biziness dude. Whoever pays, controls the show.
    If you want to find a cheapo solution to somehow convert MT4 Strategy tester into free sinal generator, talk to hackers. They aren't here.
    Here you find a gullible crowd of wanna be traders that blindly believe what the labels are saying.
    You have to understand MT4 isn't for professionals. It only looks and back tests as professional program, but it doesn't execute trades on a professional level. At least not EA automation.
    Manual trading, yes, but not EA.
    But there are other software packages that do.
    And again, pro station automatically compiles MQL into their code and runs it as it tests.
    You can also use Omega TradeStation, but you have to pay coders to convert .mql to .ela.
    here are your options:
    learn to code
    find hackers (they aren't free, niether reliable)
    buy pro station and run EAs there
    find other wares
    or just trade manually,
    no stupid EAs
    They are pretty primitive even if they run correctly.
    People are dreaming and refuse to cope with reality.
    You want free reliable program to run EAs, like all these ClickBank adds promise,
    the truth is - it isn't available yet. At least Not for the crowds. So it was made difficult enough so you have to learn and work.
    if you want to buy or download EA and run it on MT4 and retire doing nothing, it's not available yet.
    only on paper, not in real world,
    Yes, life is unfair
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    these may be
    reel or demo acoount with micro lot and then we will use acount history of this account.
    then a ea open trade with algoritma about acoount history (micro account)

    account history= backtest

    may "the ea" use another account history?

    I think that the right questions

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    I want to know May I use another acconut history or backtest results and then any ea will trade reel account with demo account history results with my algoritm.

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The EA of backtest results