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    Default Rsi Ea

    Hi at all!

    Have you ever build an EA that:
    buy when RSI indicator is <30
    and sell when RSI indicator is >70 ?
    If no, can you build it for me?
    It requires Stop loss, trailing stop, an take profits
    (it's a good system of trading in manual trading in gbpgpy, maybe a good choice also using ea).....

    ....Someone is able to build it?


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    No answer?



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    Default Rsi Ea

    Here is my simply version without MM.
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    Hello 823,

    I have made a version that will allow more optimization :

    Download : RSI EA (available in the Elite section)

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    Our company have developed this expert advisor

    BUY when RSI lower than 30
    SELL when RSI higher than 70

    extern string _tmp1_ = " --- Trade params ---";
    extern double Lots = 0.1; //lots volume
    extern int StopLoss = 290; //stoploss, pips (0 = no stoploss)
    extern int TakeProfit = 190; //takeprofit, pips (0 = no takeprofit)
    extern int Slippage = 3; //max allowable slippage value, pips
    extern int Magic = 20090601; //some unique experts ID
    extern string _tmp2_ = " --- RSI ---";
    extern int RSI.period = 3; //RSI period
    extern int RSI.applied_price = PRICE_CLOSE; //RSI applied price
    extern int RSI.SignalBar = 1; //0 - get RSI signals from open bar; 1 - get RSI signals from closed bar
    extern double RSI.SellAbove = 70.0; //sell above this level
    extern double RSI.BuyBelow = 30.0; //buy below this level
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    BJF Trading Group inc. -MT4 experts, Indicators, Tools. MQL4, Java, Fix Coding service

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    Quote Originally Posted by grc01 View Post
    Here is my simply version without MM.
    excuse me, I am new here, could you plz tell me the meaning of "MM"(what is it short for)

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    Quote Originally Posted by scott View Post
    excuse me, I am new here, could you plz tell me the meaning of "MM"(what is it short for)
    Hi Scott!

    Here are a few abbreviations that are commonly used on fx forums:

    MM = Money Management
    TP = Take Profit
    SL = Stop Loss
    TSL = Trailing Stop Loss

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