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    Default 3 Duck Trading System

    Has anyone automated the "3 Duck Trading System" strategy?

    The trading system is fairly straightforward
    - First see if current prices are above or below the 60 sma on the 4h TF
    - Then see if current prices are above or below the 60 sma on the 1h TF

    If the current prices on both the 4h TF and 1h TF are the same (above or below) the 60 sma then open the 5min TF and see where the current prices are.

    If the prices are same (above or below) their 60 sma on all 3 time-frames, then open a sell trade if below 60sma and buy if above 60sma.

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    Seems like a standard trend-following system. you don't need to automate it to see that it doesn't work.
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    You obviously have not done your research on this one, It is profitable. I use stoch 8,1,4 80/20 levels tfd1 h1 and the m15 to enter and exit. The d1 h1 are inversed meaning that I use the d1 for general direction and use the h1 to locate a low/high spot in the d1 trend then use m15 to jump into the markets. probably close to 100% accurate. Like shooting fish in a barrel. I only wish there was a triple stochastic ea out there so i could walk away from the computer.
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3 Duck Trading System