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Thread: (Request) Yarara EA

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    Default Yarara with FX Fish

    Quote Originally Posted by cgldsmth View Post
    actually when you look at all the whipsawed trades and overlay the FX Fish from the other thread you can filter out nearly all of them, still keeping the good entries, by using avoiding opening trades when FX Fish is between the -0.3 and +0.3 lines. This is on H4.

    I have been manual trading since last week as mentioned above: Trade with Yarara using FX fish confirmation/filter. Always great combo.

    Maybe Funyoo can integrate it this way.

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    Can you look at the exits of this based on earlier comments?

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    hy funyoo,

    pls recode the exit such that it follows the signal on the previous bar....if not its always the wrong exit...or is that not possible to code? pls advise funyoo..thanks again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Agentrfr View Post
    Funyoo, the exit logic on the EA is still working on current bar arrows from yarara.

    The entry logic is perfect, but the exit logic is completely messed.

    It should ignore current bar, and only ever use previous bar signals.

    According to this logic, there will only ever be one trade open. A buy or a sell, never both fore more than one tick.

    The logic im trying to use is:

    At first tick of new bar:

    Check previous bar for arrow.

    1) If there is an arrow, enter trade in that direction immediately on first tick.
    2) If there is already a trade open in the other direction, close immediately.

    Ignore all signals from current bar.

    Using this logic, trades will be entered/closed on first tick, at candle open, never at candle close.

    Please have a look at it.

    All the best

    Hi Agentrfr,

    I have updated the code.
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    Hi funyoo.

    Brillient work on the exit logic. It is perfect!

    This EA is almost perfect. There are just a few things to tweak in the pending orders, then Im ready to go live.

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    Can you add ATR for self adjusting take profit as option - similar to the one you have in the Slope EA

    thank you

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    So are you wating for funyoo to correct pending orders as your picture, or you are ready to go now?

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    Waiting to fix pending orders. Thats the whole idea behind this strat ^_^. Yarara identifies trend, then we need a very sophisticated enter/exit strategy.

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    Hi funyoo

    Will it be possible for you to code the yarara indicator as trade entry logic to the blessing ea. Just buy or sell according to the arrow .I think it will be even easier to integrate it in the regular blessing. btw if u can do this i will not be needing the request for the 3ducks sysytem.

    Thank you

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    Please 2 time filters. Thank you.

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(Request) Yarara EA