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    Hi funyoo.

    Hi posted in other thread, but it would be better as a new thread.

    Can you please make an EA based solely off the yarara indi.

    Buy/sell when told to by previous bar. SL set at highest/lowest of last 4 bars, no TP, only close when opposite signal. Work only from last bar (current bar repaints, rest don't).

    Maybe as a retracement protector: When Average True Range of last X amount of bars are pips in profit, move SL to break even, to protect from a retracement.

    See post # 7 for picture on example of trading.

    Thanks Funyoo. I would really really appreciate this.

    PS: Cool new avatar.
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    This yarara is unbelievable. I'm averaging 40pips an hour, max so far 23pip drawdown across all pairs im trading. (EU GU UJ UCH and gold).

    Funyoo, I reckon this EA will be killer.

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    What time frame are you trading with?

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    Im trading H1 only

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    does it repaint because repainting indicators doesn't suit well for EA's even if you could get good result with it manualy.

    could you post a screenshot explaining your strategy?

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    It only repaints current bar.

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    Here is example of EU H1.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Agentrfr View Post
    Here is example of EU H1.
    Hi Agentrfr!

    If you combine this support-resistance (exit) with levels then this very much cool!

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    You could, I suppose, but it really doesn't help if you follow the logic of the indi. Manually it gives you an idea of where things will end up, but as far as an EA is concerned, it wont make much of a difference trading only on closing when a reversed signal happens.
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    visual backtest suggests that avoiding Asian quiet session would filter a lot of bad EU trades, and if you add the FX Fish as another filter then we are approaching a very high win rate.

    Funyoo - go for it!!!!!
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(Request) Yarara EA