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Thread: (Request) ProFX 2.0 EA

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    funyoo or other coders:
    it seems clear the time filter is not really working due to needing too many conditions.
    please add on/off bool to the time filter indis too so we can remove some?

    this way we could have say just the Profx 01 to define the trend while still using all (if wanted) indis on the M30, thus getting the important H4 trend direction as without it too many false signals are made

    thnx guys

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    put the previous request on hold. it seems with the time filter enabled and only profx 01 indi set to true - no trades are taken?
    theres no point in booling the trend indis if the code isnt right?

    thnxs for anyone who want to have a look at the higher TF trend code

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    sorry to go on but:
    the manual doesnt state this but its what the dev do:
    they trade the Lon open to US close. staragly they list this as 6:30 to 21:00 at what looks like alpari uk - i get 9:00 to 23:00... anyway

    if they have an arrow previous to the Lon open they wait until the open and if all the indis agree they enter. This is missing from the current build therefore missing alot of trades.

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    bored of me yet?
    last one:
    unless all indis match on the arrow the trades not entered. when all indis match after the arrow the the trade should still happen. again, missing alot of trades.

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    the EA is great but can someone add an option to open 5trades on 1signal and 5diffrent TP for this postions ?? and option like in Sniper EA, i tryed but cant add this option,

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(Request) ProFX 2.0 EA