Need help designing Autotrader
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Thread: Need help designing Autotrader

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    Default Need help designing Autotrader

    Can anyone program an auto trader for me? I am wanting an autotrader where it will set 2 pending orders when the candle closes with a SL level only. No TP level. But, I also want it to reenter the pending order if it would get stopped out.

    For example: When the candle closes, I want a pending buy position 50 pips above the closed price with a 30 SL and a Sell order 50 pips below the closed price with a 30 pips SL. No TP on either. But if one order gets filled and stopped out I need it to re-enter at the same price.

    Week Close price on Gbp/Jpy is 1.4500

    New Weekly Candle opens on Sunday
    Pending Orders
    Entry @ 1.4550
    SL @ 1.4520

    Entry @ 1.4450
    SL @ 1.4480

    No Take profit level set on either.
    But if one order gets filled and then gets stopped out with a 30 pip Loss, for exampe, the Long entry gets filled then price comes back to hit the SL. It will turn around and immediately place another pending Long entry at the 1.4550 price with the same SL level.

    Thanks for any help you can give.
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Need help designing Autotrader