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Thread: New EA for New York Box Indicator

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    Default New EA for New York Box Indicator

    Hi MT4 Programers

    I'm looking for someone to program an EA based on the New York Box indicator. It's a breakout indicator based on the NY Open. I would use the same EA by adjusting the time for the London & Asian Opens as I have similar indicators for both other sessions. I've attached all 3 indicators.

    I've been using the New York Box for a couple of years and it works great except you need to set up the buy stop & sell stop trades for each pair.

    The New York Box gives the entry price, tp1, tp2, tp3, and the stop loss and it's all user controlled. That means the trader can determine the margin above or below the box range as well as the TP depending on trading style. I don't use the TP2 & TP3 although the indicator allows for it.

    If you're interested please let me know, I've been looking for someone to program this for awhile.

    Thanks in advance for any help or advice offered.

    Jim (MrChips)
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    Hi Jim,

    If you have been trading this system for some time, could you please advise how long exactly this has been, do you have any verifiable proof of success, and are there any extras discretionary / non discretionary elements that you take inot consideration when looking to take these trades?

    If you can suitably answer the above, then I may be willing to work with you in developing an EA.


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New EA for New York Box Indicator