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Thread: Correlation Martingale EA

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    thanks for the reply madscalp! i see your point... so far 20 looks like a nice target, lets see how it goes.

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    I like this system because there is no indicator.
    Maybe set a 60 or more delayminutes when there is volatility....

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    Quote Originally Posted by dbrown View Post
    Is this truly market neutral? Movement of 1 lot of EU does not equal movement of 1 lot of UC. If they are market neutral, I think it should be 1 lot of EU equals 1/UC lots. If there is no correction then there will always be a bias in one direction, favoring the direction of UC.

    Anyone(Funyoo) interested on working on a market neutral scalping version of this system? I prefer it be market neutral and scalp any divergence from that neutral position.

    Hi dbrown,

    Yes I am interested. Please create a new thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by madscalp View Post
    Hi all
    I'm very happy to join you you and my very old buddy funyoo
    I like very much the correlation EA but I suggest some improvements:
    - first in my opinion it would be better the EA opens depending the EURCHF trend.
    if the EURCHF price is above the MA , the EA opens 2 buys.
    if the EURCHF price is under , the EA opens 2 sells.
    so if the trend EURCHF is strong, the target is reached faster...
    - secondly I thought the EA logic was buy sell buy sell etc..
    it seems no...if the first orders are buy buy , the others are sell sell sell sell ..... is it correct like that ?
    - finally I'd like a function StopTradingAfterTarget to stop the EA if needed
    There is another issue: sometimes all orders don't close all before the opening of the following cycle.
    Maybe an improvement in the code ?
    I think really this EA can be great : today I scored 3 % !
    I'will post my settings when the issue of the orders close will be corrected.
    Thank you funyoo for your job.
    Hi madscalp,

    That's great to find you here ! I hope that we will find some good settings with the new code, the possibilities are infinite.

    I close this thread as we can work on this system with Correlation Strategy EA.

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