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    I have the "Advance trailing" off the all time. So I believe there is no way it can interfere with the JMA cross.

    the pic attached should show clearly what I am talking about.

    of those 3 corsses that I circled, no trades were taken place, and those two question marks were trades happened without a JMA cross.

    Please take a look when u get a chance. thanks so much~

    Quote Originally Posted by gspe View Post
    I'm playing around the idea to use the Donchian Channel as Trailing Stop tools.
    Put the donchian indicator on one graph and see if it isn't a great tool for Trailing Stop, it leaves enough space to the price for breath and it changes dynamically according to the market conditions.
    And don't forget that you are looking to the past so in a particular moment you really don't know what are going to happen think about this when you think about Trailing Stop

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(Request) Jaimo-JMA EA