Hi Funyoo hoping this idea will appeal to you for a very different EA:

param1: avgdys (used to calc avg % change) (10)
param2: prt (percent range threshold) (0.3%)
param3: slm (stop loss mutiplier) (2.25)
param4: ptm (profit take multiplier) (.35)

we take the avg % change for the last avgdys
if that number is <= prt then begin
Sell at market
Buy at market

Stop Loss is current avg % change * slm
Profit Take is current avg % change * ptm

if the system takes a profit or a loss it instantly reenters ie if we are long and we hit our profit take then we Buy at market again We also Sell another at market.
So for example if we bank 3 long winners we would then have open 1 Long and 3 Shorts.

If we close out one leg and cannot enter again because of prt filter then we close all positions.