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    This system was made by XXL 205(hi) distributed for free and ea for it requested , I traded it manually for a couple of weeks and made a decent percentage. If anyone can take a look and code it It would be great.
    Here is the write up
    Hello all,

    welcome to my scalping system. It consist of some gathered indicators,
    which help me to constantly scalp in my profits.

    I am the guy who needs it fast. I like multitasking and switching around
    between many currency pairs ... and this is what it is made for :

    1. Use the system on any pair you like.

    2. Timeframe for main screen is M1. TP is 12 pips, SL is 45 pips.
    I've set slower moving pairs to TP 7 also, depends on your expectations.
    The higher the timeframe, the more profit you may want to take.

    The best thing would be to exit at the counter semafor ... but I do not dare
    You could set quiktrailing to break even at your liked pips or to lock in some
    profit, if you shoot for more...

    3. Eventually use a second backup screen for higher semafor check on M15/M30, but get your feeling.
    TRO says trading only if at least H1 shows ANY semafore (1,2,3) in your direction,
    but I work without that. It would of course give even more safety.

    4. To start scalping, wait for the messagebox to tell you that a level 3 semafor has
    been detected, that is the yellow one with a red circle around it.

    5. Check the trend then. On right side in the middle the trend percentage must be at
    least over 70% in one direction, the higher the better.

    6. Check Semafor 3 again and make sure, it is in very close range to the thick double
    lines blue and green. If it is in them or even past, get ready.

    7. Check the RSI black and yellow line in the middle indicator on screen.

    If it is over 80 and semafor has touched or pierced blue double (bending) outer line,
    GO SHORT ! Do not think

    If it is under 20 and semafor has touched or pierced green double (bending) outer lines,
    GO LONG !

    8. Be aware that semafor is a repainting indicator and thus will appear more than on one
    candle after another, always marking highest of a trend.

    I have a special way catching trades ... but BEWARE OF HIGH RISK HERE, check money management !!!

    For this I work with SL 100 or higher in the quik trailing settings (thanks Quiksilver!)

    If a trade goes against my entry, I will re-enter with some martingale element.
    Meaning I check the daily average movement of a pair, take 50% and divide this by 3.
    Example : GPYJPY goes against my first entry with 0.1 lots, I calculate :
    Around 300 pips average /2 = 150, 150 / 3 = 50.
    Thus I reenter with double lot size 0.2 at -50 pips of the first trade.
    NOT EVER BEFORE THAT !! 30 pips movement for that pair is nothing ...

    Until now (4 weeks) I have never used more than 3 levels of this strategy (0.1 0.2 0.4)

    But check out whether you like that kind of catching trades ... I do

    9. For further confirmation of trends check the currency heat indicator at bottom.
    I do never trade against the H1/H4 trend ! The trend indicator middle right
    (I was reffering before to it) is setup to mix H1 and H4 trend already, so mostly no
    need in reconfirming that.

    10.There are also the colour bars top right on screen telling you also what SHALL happen

    I use this system on more than 10 pairs at once with a bankroll of around 5k EUR.

    I hope to not have forgotten any essential elements of my calculation, rest is done by stomach

    Feel free to post questions in our much loved forum. I want to thank all people who have written
    the indicators and point to their copyright )

    Happy scalping !

    Yours, xxl
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    I think this system really worth to master funyoo to take a look. Nice to brought this to us Cyrillic.

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