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    Cool 100 Pips A Day EA


    I ran across the attached EA somewhere and it appears to do well. Forward testing since March 1 and it has increased account from $5000 to over $6000 trading just .1 lots. I have tried to get it to trade on an ECN broker, but I cannot seem to get it to work. My coding is very limited, still learning. When you get the time could you please take a look.

    Thanks for the great forum. I think I have learned more from your forum than anywhere else. Keep up the great work.

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    Hello Alton
    can you help me ?
    which timeframe do you use ? which pair ?
    can you post a set file ?

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    Hey Disse2007,

    Basically I have just been using the default set on the 4 majors. USDCHF and EURUSD have been the best preforming. I have been testing different SL though because the default is 0 which is a little crazy because, as you know, it can cause a large drawdown when the market moves against you quickly. The TF I have been using is 5M on all of the pairs. I just can't get it to trade on an ECN broker though. Righ now I have it on Alpari running it on .1 and .01 lots.

    Luck Trading,

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100 Pips A Day EA