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Thread: MTFWPR EA based for scalping in 1-5-15 min

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    Quote Originally Posted by funyoo View Post
    Hi hazelj80,

    You want to close the order when an opposite signal appears at the same time on H1 and M5 ?
    yeah, that is correct. wouldn't that be the correct way to exit or would it retrace too much?

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    Will the basket profit/loss close all trades once it reaches that number (on all pairs)? Will it open trades again after it's reset on all pairs? Also, is there a way to input the % of account increased in there as well?

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    Are you still getting good results with this EA? If so, could you please share your settings as I'm not getting the same results. :-(

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    Can you make the EA close all trades out and send an email once basket number is hit (and not open up anymore trades until the ea is reset)? TIA!

    If this is possible, then we would only need to enter the basket number on one of the EA's to close all trades at the basket number. Right?
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    Default Need Set File and Template

    Hello Traders!

    Can you guys provide me Set files and Template please?

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    Hello Guys and mr.Funyo please share setting. And i want tell that it's very selfish to Funyyo close threads with profitable eas that were made in non elite sessions because me for examle frm india and i really don't have money to get to elite section. I think if you gave some set for this ea or for 5minutets trader ea and we could make some money everyone with pleasure give some to Funyo and you could make more money from us much more the from elite section people/ sorry

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