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    Hi Funyoo,
    I work with this for a long time now and think it is a good idea to make an EA of it. Of course there are already some divergence traders but none of them is doing like I will suggest here now. And this approach is good!
    It is all about cci divergence on 4hr. As can be seen on the chart: the divergence on cci is shown with pink drawingline.
    Rsi and stochastic are there to confirm the move.
    Two ways are possible, both are shown on the chart: price is up but cci is making lower lows, with a minimum of six bars between them. The other way is that price is making lower lows, but cci is making higher ones. Also need a minimum of 6 bars between the cci highs/lows. As an option to use or not : Rsi and stochastic to confirm (rsi is rising on buy and lowering on sell and stochastic is passing either trough 20 if up and 80 down. Buy when the lower cci (brown) crosses or has crossed the default (blue) cci.
    Exit buy position when the brown cci (set at 8) crosses default (blue) cci downwards and exit sell position when brown cci crosses default cci upwards. The trade must be taken when cci crosses the 0 line when in upwarts direction for buy and for a sell when cci crossed 0 line downwarts. That is it. Succes garanteed. Stoploss: spread + 2 p under last low when a buy is made and stoploss spread + 2p above last top when a sell is made.
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CCI Divergence EA