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Thread: VSCorrelation indicator alert

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    Default VSCorrelation indicator alert

    sorry guys im new to the elite section so I'm not sure if im posting in the right place

    I need an alert for vscorrelation indicator.

    Should be relatively simple.

    Attach to EURUSD chart with currency 1 being EURUSD and currency 2 being USDCHF

    (you can use with other currencies as well)

    I need an alert to buy when currency 1 > 1.0 (this number to be input by user)
    alert to sell when currency 1 < -1.0

    alerts will always go in an alternating fashion (buy/sell/buy/sell/buy)

    in the graph you see, i set the colors to none on currency 2 and the histogram so all I get is one line
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    It would be possible code also an EA with this indicator?

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VSCorrelation indicator alert