I have been testing the Gartley 105 (I am convinced this is one of the finest pieces of art you have created) and trying to use different time frame settings with the BBMAC. I have been getting an error message when I try to just change the time frame from 0 to something else. It reads as follows: "2010.04.04 01:59:08 2010.03.01 06:37 BB_MACD_MT4_v6 EURUSD,H1: ArrayCopySeries function internal error." The testing takes forever anyway, but there is no way I can change the BBMAC parameters manually for different time frames and hope to make much progress before 2012. Is there anything you can do, please?
The theory I am working on is this: What would make the ultimate triple-screen from Alex Elder? My thought would be the Gartley EA. Utilizing the BBMAC to determine the Tide and filter Gartley trades that have had a wave that is about to reverse and join the direction of the larger tide again. The Gartley should naturally eliminate the need for a ripple time frame (the 3rd and lowest), because it is the perfect (well, maybe!), reversal system. That is to say that instead of using a single indicator for the trading time frame, what could be better than to use your entire Gartley System? I have had luck backtesting in as low as H1, but not lower than that. The results have been mediocre in backtests, at best, but I think this could change with the correct "factorization" of the BBMAC parameters to reflect the best psuedo-time frame for the BBMAC, at any given trading time frame for the Gartley. Obviously, Elder's "factor of 5" does not hold true for using the Gartley in this way, but I postulate that there IS a legitimate timeframe factor for doing so at least for the upper time frames, and I want to test different timeframes to learn if my theory holds any water! All I know so far is that the Gartley takes much longer to develop, than other indicators and definitely requires BBMAC factorization above 5 for these Tidal (largest time frames)
So I appreciate all of your help and any ideas you have. Do you think this can work?