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Thread: Hull Moving Average EA

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    Default Hull Moving Average EA

    I have a good system that I used to trade manually for the last months and it has worked pretty well so far. Now I would like to add some MM concept and to develope further the tests (optimizing the MAs and so on) and for this, I definitly need an EA.

    The system works with Hull Moving Average (HMA); here you have the link with the mathematical explanation: Alan Hull - Hull Moving Average

    We use 2 HMA, one pretty fast (5-8-13-15 etc) and 1 pretty slower (13-21-34-40-55 etc) when both of them are showing the same direction and the faster is ABOVE (for long) or BELOW (for short) the slower we have a "possible entry".

    Then we place a Buy/Sell limit ten pips above/below the high/low of the "setup" bar. and we leave it there for 2 more bars, if the order doesn't trigger in those 2 bars we cancel the limit order.

    SL = TP = ATR(100) + 10 + spread from the entry of the limit order

    so we have a Risk/Reward ratio = 1

    if it's possible leave confgurable (and optimizable)

    1) the MAs (the period of the Mas, the type of the Mas and the price which is calculated)

    2) the 10 pips spread from the high/low where we set the Limit Order

    3) the 10/ pips spread we had to the SL-TP

    4) a system of MM where we can choose how much risk to support

    This system really works and if you can write properly this EA I'm sure you would enjoy the gain a lot too.

    If you need some more explanation of clarification I'm here.

    Sorry for my english, it is not my mothertongue.

    Best Regards,

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    Hi Corre and welcome!

    Don't worry, your english is excellent.

    Here is the expert advisor based on this system.
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    has anybody used this EA? I have a strong interest in an EA using the HMA indicator.

    Please respond.

    Thank you.

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    What timefrime? Which pair?

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    Default follow up on Hull Moving average EA

    Hi there Corre & funnyoo,

    I have been manually using a single slow Hull Moving average 1h time frame, period 75 (method 1) & simply buying when the line turns up(green) & selling when it turns down (red).

    Stop is discretionary, set by eye at previous obvious resistance/support. Position reversed at opposite signal. Trade a fixed lot size. It works well but is labour intensive due to need to be awake 24 hours a day !

    Buy chance I have an identical Hull indicator to the one provided by funnyoo and had been thinking for a while about the need for an EA to automate the buying & selling when I came across this thread.

    My question is, using the EA produced buy funnyoo, I am able to trade this methodology buy adjusting the settings or do I need a completely new EA?

    Sorry in advance if this question is really stupid ! i have no progamming /technical knowledge at all.

    Many thanks in advance

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    Hi, I've tried running the EA on Alpari's Metatrader and, although it does place some order, I get a lot of OrderSend Error 130.

    I assume it's one of the parameters to the SendOrder function not quite right.

    Any help would be much appreciated.


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    I've worked out what the issue was. Stop loss it too close to the price.

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