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    Default [Req] Currency meter ea.

    Hi funyoo,

    When time permits, could you code an EA based on this custom indy.
    . Please use your usual EA options.

    please look.
    New EA based on the !xMeter - Forex-TSD
    Currency Strength Meter @ Forex Factory
    Currency Strength Meter Download | Currency Strength Meter Video Tutorial & Download

    currency strength
    USD 7.2
    EUR 2.2
    GBP 3.8
    CHF 5.7
    CAD 4.0
    AUD 1.5
    JPY 5.0

    Best pair to trade :
    SELL = EUR USD = 2.2 X 7.2
    OR we see usd = strong. (> 7 point)
    this combination will get good result

    mySymbol="GBPUSD"+postfix; OpenPos("Sell");
    mySymbol="AUDUSD"+postfix; OpenPos("Sell");
    mySymbol="EURUSD"+postfix; OpenPos("Sell");
    mySymbol="NZDUSD"+postfix; OpenPos("Sell");
    mySymbol="USDJPY"+postfix; OpenPos("Buy");
    mySymbol="USDCAD"+postfix; OpenPos("Buy");
    mySymbol="USDCHF"+postfix; OpenPos("Buy");

    //HOW TO READ THE !xMETER: (This tool based on Tom Yeomans's currency meter with modifications.)
    // 1. Find minimum and maximum value from each currency.
    // 2. Suppose GBP has 7.4 and USD has 1.6. It tells us that GBP is stronger than USD.
    // That means we should consider take BUY order at GBPUSD instead of SHORT order.
    // 1. Check if current time is at PauseTrading otherwise trading is allowed.
    // 2. Check EA properties if currency pair is allowed to be traded.
    // 3. Enter a trade if the xMeter difference between the Major and Minor currencies is greater than TradeTrigger.
    // 4. A trade may be closed 5 ways.
    // - xMeter CloseTrigger (indicating reversal in short TF).
    // - Breakeven Stop Loss.
    // - Dynamic Trailing Stop.
    // - Dynamic Take Profit.
    // - Breakeven in Recovery Mode
    // 5. If the currency's trades never reach Breakeven then they will be closed when the xMeter difference
    // between currencies is less than or equal to CloseTrigger using only last 1/3 of xMeter lookback period.
    // 6. If the trade become profitable then it will place a stop at Breakeven and trail with a DynamicStop.
    // 7. If the difference between currencies falls to RecoverTrigger then another trade will be opened in that
    // currency in the same direction and will open another if the currency continues to go against the trades.
    // The trades will be closed when they average breakeven.


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    Dear Funyoo
    i modified ea by strenght currency excel files ,
    but when i try on MT4, i had message " NOT INITILIZE STRING"
    can u Fix it.
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    Funyoo. please help my ea.

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[Req] Currency meter ea.