One indicator system EA need [REQUEST]
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Thread: One indicator system EA need [REQUEST]

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    Default One indicator system EA need [REQUEST]

    Hi funnyo,
    i have a system and base one one indicator.

    you can see picture for buy and sell signals.
    i have to change indicator parameter,
    i need tp, sl, and tralling stop.

    thanks lot
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    Here you go

    Note that this version only trades clear crosses on the signal bars. It filters out miss-trades more than it miss-trades its self. If you want I can change it to swap position on a FastMA > SlowMA basis.
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    i cant find indicator settings on ea.
    can add this...

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    Sorry, I was half asleep yesterday. Here you go
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    thanks for helping....

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    i want to dont open a possition in friday.
    i set friday filter true.
    but ea goes on open a posssition on friday.
    is there any problem?

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    Hi serdaso, the indicator looks promising but so far I havent been able to get any profitable backtests out of it. Not sure what the actual MM indicator settings should be.
    Do you have a set file we could look at?
    Thanks Serdar, and Agent for making the EA


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    Filter should work now

    Let me know if you find any profitable settings
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One indicator system EA need [REQUEST]