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    Hello funyoo,

    I am certain that you can improve this generic breakout found at FF.

    It has some nice parameters like atr and allows for a lot of adaptability to various systems.

    Jumping Stop overloads the broker server, so a step jumping should be implemented as with other ea.

    Add a parameter CloseAtFinishHour that should have a true - false. True for making what it does, close the trade if open wether in profit or not and false to make it only not to open new trades.

    Also if you can fix the timing with gtm offset or autocalculation in order to work in yearly backtest with seasonal gtm shifts would be great.

    Also timing needs to be checked if works for previous day. eg Tokyo Breakout , consolidation from 22:00pm to 1:00am . Can Ea logic take into account that in first hour setting we have a day before?

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Improve Generic Breakout EA