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    This is realy a magnificent tradingsystem. But one has to be in front of the screen all day....
    So it would be great if an ea could be made of it.
    Needed: one indicator for support and resistance.
    If on bar close (at a minimumlenght of the bar at 40 pips (extern to be manipulated) the price is below support then on open new bar a sell is made, with a stoploss and a take profit (both extern to manipulate) at 30 pip and at the same time 6 sellstops are placed, the first at 15 p from the initial sell and further on between each sellstop 15 pip. All with sl and tk at 15.
    For Buy and buystop it is the same, the other way arond.
    At profit half of each position must be closed.
    This realy is a great system, so it would be great if an ea would be made. It is a good ea, for it does not depend on all kind of indicators, but just on price action.
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    i concur on the request. May funyoo have a look t it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luther_Blissett View Post
    i concur on the request. May funyoo have a look t it?
    I hope he does...and create an ea of it.....

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Magnificent tradingsystem ea request