How to mod Expert Advisor Builder code
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Thread: How to mod Expert Advisor Builder code

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    Default How to mod Expert Advisor Builder code


    I like using the EA builder at Expert Advisor Builder for MetaTrader 4 and I note that he has 19,000 members - but he stopped providing support years ago.

    I want to change some general things in all the EA's I make using the tool. I am sure many hundreds of frustrated users would like to know how to modify Expert Advisor Builder's code as well.

    I'd like to know how to;

    A) enable micro-lot trades, as by default it only allows mini-lots.

    B) enable 1 trade per bar, and to externally set a maximum number of trades.

    C) enable money management - eg, externally set the % of free margin to use to calculate lot sizes.

    D) enable moving a stop to break-even + 2 pips after hitting a set number of pips in profit.

    E) enable to never close trades unless they are in profit.

    I have attached the standard template the site produces before logic/strategy used.

    If someone could take the time to add the 5 items above, many of us could use your new template for all EAs we build from that site.

    Fingers crossed someone can help,



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    Expert advisor builder is a great way to learn MQL and for backtesting. However, keep in mind that this EA builder will not work live. It simply doesn't have all the checks in place for order managment on a live system. It is ONLY usefull for backtesting strategies.

    If you download any of Funyoo's EA's you will see that his template has all those things and it runs live. If you sign upto the elite section you can download his template.

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    website you are talking about dead long time ago, but there is a new one

    try ea creator

    it has things you mentioned and much more, also great support

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    Expert Advisor Builder is not a dead website at all, and is very popular with those wishing to build EAs to test strategy - but yes there is no support from its Japanese owner. Using it has been a great start for me learning bits and pieces of MQL coding. I do think it would be helpful to all if there was work put into expanding its core template, from which we could build better bots.

    I've found EA Creator and did not find it easy to use at all, clunky in fact, and I certainly don't want to pay for it.

    Please don't hijack this thread for promotional purposes of another service. This thread is about how to use EA Builder more fully.
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    Ive used EAcreator and it is quite good. It has more features than the EAbuilder (which is only good for backtesting). And it has support for some nice features such as dynamic stops and trails.

    You could also sign upto the elite section and use Funyoo's template which has many more features than the EAbuilder and it works on real accounts.

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How to mod Expert Advisor Builder code