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Thread: Perfect Scalping M1(Follow Major Trend) With SL/TS=15

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    Default pena não estar automatico

    Quote Originally Posted by Bobby34 View Post
    Here is the template with the indicators.

    - BBands_Stop_v1.ex4,
    - FerruFx_Multi_info+_light_chart_v1.1.mq4,
    - GMACD_Signals.mq4,
    - Nina_StepMA_1_Custom3.mq4,
    - Stochastic.mq4

    I suppose that the yellow and the blue moving average were 10 and 15 EMA.

    The required commercial indicator is :

    - Oasis 1000pips DashboardFxOpenMic.ex4


    tudo bem? alguém conseguiu automatizar esta estratégia?

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    [Excellent strategy. I have good results with EURUSD, USDCAD and GBPJPY]

    The supposed rules :

    Signal :

    1. StepMA trigger, blue for buy, red for sell.

    Filters :

    2. Stochastic main in oversold for sell, in overbought for buy.
    3. GMACD Trend/UP for buy, Trend/SL for sell, with both "signal" and "main".
    4. FerruFx UP and strong for buy, DN and strong for sell.
    5. 1000pipsClub green arrows for buy, red arrows for sell, with both M15 and H1.
    6. 1000pipsClub currency strength meter green with the first currency, red with the second currency for buy; red with the first currency, green for the second currency for sell.
    7. EMA 10 over EMA 15 for buy, under for sell.

    Unused :

    7. FerruFx Daily Pivots, Daily Range, and 1000pipsClub price location comparing to pivots probably unused.

    Unknown :

    8. Stoploss, takeprofit and exit unknown.[/QUOTE]

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    Hello Guys, any idea about the EA?

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