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    Hi Funyoo:

    I saw this on regular thread (not on Elite section)
    I read a lots of good things about this system and also have a friend who is doing very well with this system. Would it be possible for you to complete this EA if I provide you the indicators? (ex4 (not mq4))
    During the search of 'Stealth System review" on google, below link came up. To my surprise, it is you who started to create the EA.

    What I like this system is, it can work UK, US and Asian session and also scalping and swing. It covers all types of trader. Also, instruction is not vague. It is very clear on entry and exit rules. And the best of all, my friend is trading on this system and he is doing well with it.

    I would like this EA to be complete to the "T" if possible. If you cannot, I will understand.

    Stealth Forex Expert Advisor
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Stealth v10 system EA