Is there anyone who can make this idea into an EA.On papertrading it looks that there is no way you can loose.Very simple idea.Grid system with distance between orders editable (e.g. 25.50,100 pips) depending on the volatility of that pair.At those levels buy and sell at the same time with the TP exactly the distance to the next grid and SL half of it.Additional condition, let's say,new buy order on the next grid to happen after you close the previous buy order.Same for sale orders.
2 main advantages.There will be at any moment only 2 orders opened, so it will not eat your margin, and with the additional condition you avoid a double loss ( let's say on buy orders- if the market makes a peak but not enough for the buy order to close- it will not open the same buy order at the same level when is coming down- but only after you close with loss the first buy order.The level should remain the same so the new buy order will be a buy stop because is higher than the level where the first buy order has been closed.It shoud work.for every level where triggers orders you will ahve half of the distance between grids as a profit minus spread.The system will be especially beneficial on pairs with high volatility like GBP/JPY