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Thread: Fractals based EA request please

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    Default Fractals based EA request please

    Hi Funyoo,
    I would like to make a request for a new EA which at least manually(trading according to the strategy) gives great results.
    Fractals seems to work great especially on a 1h and 4h TF.
    Could you please make an EA based on FRACTALS and also to have additinal indicators as triggers:
    4.Awesome Oscillator
    It would be nice to have the parameters of each indicator editable, so we can change them.It would also be nice to have a function off and on for each of them so we can make a combination of indicators active to see which combination is better.May be something like in Blessing 3 version where you have the option that the EA trades with the indicators condition AND or OR.In other words let's say I need the fractals rsi and cci to be the filters and all of them are on ,therefore the EA triggers the order only if all 3 conditions are met and the other option is that the EA to triggers the order if any condition of the 3 indicators is met.
    The fractals should be the first indicator.I also saw on the chart- especially on 1h and 4h TF that 2 upper fractals is a strong signal that the price will go down much more than just one fractal.It should wotk even without a TP and SL.The EA also needs to trigger one order for each fractal.Let's say you have an upper fractal should trigger a sell order and then if the next fractal is also an upper one should trigger another sell order.Closing the position should be in the same manner, based on the reversal of the indicators.Let's say a sell order to be closed be a lower fractal or a RSI less than 20 or 30 or a stochastic less than 20 and so forth.At the same moment because the reverse conditions have been met it should close the sell orders and start buy orders.
    All the additional indicators will filter the orders more so it should be less orders if all of them are on but they willl be close to 100% accurate.Let me know what do you think about it and thank you in advance.

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    HI ,

    Send me your EA request to my personal mail at and I can see what I can do.


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Fractals based EA request please