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    Dear Funyoo.

    no1. I am playing a few systems in one broker,
    Some are losses , some are profitable (Is not hedging)
    I need your help to make a simple closeall EA after
    a)Taking total profit consideration at the multi charts.
    b)Just close all (additional option )
    It can be attached in one of new charts,not to the system. but after certain total profit are win it will close_all the running EA. and the EA's start back running.

    no.2. Can You make a simple EA .
    I will fill up what currency to play at the EA up to 9 to 14 Currency.with Buy and Sell order management ( I can place Buy or Sell) look similar with hedging that you have,
    By on the EA auto it will place Buy or Sell. That's it.

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Profit closeall