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    Default Price Cross Shift EA

    Hi Funnyo,

    Could you develop a EA for this strategy?

    It is a basic price cross but with great potencial.

    Use with suitable pair or TF (>15 is better) - It can be used as a Scalper or Trending EA:

    -When price (close) crosses above the MA (Simple, exponential, Linear Weighted, or other, with shift +n) we buy

    -When price (close) crosses below the MA (Simple, exponential, Linear Weighted, or other, with shift +n) we sell

    -If price didn't reach our TP and goes against us, close the position on SL or reverse "crossing close", and open a contrarian trade with a "n" lot increment, or "n" TP/SL/TrailingStop increment (repeat this action until success)

    Just add the following options (on/off):

    -Time filter

    -Filter trades with #MTF Macd B indicator.

    -Use PartialClose (as IINWMARROWS EA)


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    Here you go:

    Note: The partial close function is very buggy, and slowed EA down very much, so I decided to leave it out in the release.
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    Thanks a lot Agentrfr,

    I'll try that!



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Price Cross Shift EA