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    Default HEDGE WIN EA

    Hey Funyoo I need your help.

    Come to me this strategy - surefire hedge strategy. You can see the rules attached.

    Mostly what I am ask you to do is to automate that, creating an HEDGE WIN EA, preferable adding a breakout method for the first trade, like:

    trade a very volatil pair, like gbpusd.
    trade in a rush hour - london hour - perhaps between 5:30am-8:30am GMT.
    Have a initial criteria to identify a breakout for the first trade, like buy at Momentum (>100) and CGI (>0). The inverse for a sell.
    then, if the first trade did not get the TP set (30pips as described) applied the hedge strategy explained attached.
    Add your usual power features, like ECN, ... etc.
    Dont forget a maximum open position parameter.

    The idea of a breakout for first trade and trading in a very volatil hour is to avoid range markets and assure to get the volatil needed for not been stuck with it. (and avoid a huge DD)

    Any backtest you can make is much welcome!
    Thank you in advance.

    PS.: But please feel free to experiment other method to guarantee a first trade on a very volatil time and manner.... (trend follow, news...) I think the key to get this a never loss ea, is to avoid ever choppy markets and guarantee it will move 30 to 60 pips at least for one direction or other, asap.
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    It appears there is loads of these PDFs out there now, all with the different names for the same old method. Its an account buster, in EA form anyway.

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    May be. But I think if the first trade enter in a very volatil time/pair, then it will always move 30-60 pips from one way or other. That could be the success of the ea.

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    I would say not use jpy cross for these project, because theses days they are very choppy.
    GBPUSD will be good, I think.

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