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    Dear friends and Funyoo sorry for open this thread, Just for discussion and how we look at Indicators.

    If anybody like to shares their Idea are welcomes. we share how to profit each others.

    WHY we loss money and How to win the money?

    I refer to the attachment Indicators . Most of the EA we request look similar at crossing point which is marking with straight lines (red).
    Bollinger crossing , slope crossing, MACD crossing , Awesome , Heiken Ashi and ADX .

    The Indicators are crossing at averagely are the same,

    But why we loss ,? This is where are the topics.
    I look sometimes we loss because of

    1. Repaint
    2. Shift
    3. Repeated open the order also give us losses
    4. Time frame

    And how we can improve it . This is just started, IF you don't like it I am very sorry and just ignore it.

    PLEASE if you think that is good just contribute your ideas.............Thank you.

    WHY I COME WITH THIS. IT IS BECAUSE MY VIEW IS TO LET OUR GENIUS MR FUNYOO TO FILTER OUT SOME OF THE SIMILAR REQUEST AND TO CONCENTRATE THE BEST WAY WINNING EA. IF THE EA SIMILAR please refer to EA that we have. And if that's a good EA , please TELL AND BRIEF WHAT IS DIFFERENT ON the EA request. Maybe Funyoo can tell if the EA similar with each others, especially at crossing.
    SO WE CAN MAXIMIZE FUNYOO TIME for something which is profitable.
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Profitable and loss INDICATOR