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The manual system is great especially on the 4hour chart. Very suprised this has not been coded yet. Anyone up for the task?
Hi Funyoo:

I brought this from your regular section to Elite Section. Is it possible for you to make an EA from it? If you would, I can upload latest indicators for you to use. I trade Forex Day Monster and it gave me consistant profit. 30-80 pips daily on gbpusd pair. However, Forex DAy Monster is very CPU heavy and I can only run just few charts at a time and shut down. So, I switch to Forex Profit Monster system (which is 1 hr at the lowest TF) and it gave me very good signal for entry and exit. I have to agree with gangsta's post above. A lot more clear signal than Forex Day Monster. Let me know if you would be interested in making an EA.