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    Default Martingale EA modification

    Respected Funyoo,

    I want some more modification in your martingale EA

    I am want to test gomarket, alpari, fxopen

    can you reduce the risk,
    if this EA enter martingale lot size , ( 0.01, 0.02, 0.04, ...), Can you have update the individual trade take profit for micro pip ( TP), because...

    Please can you update this method, I want to be check in 5 digit broker alpari, Gomarket, fxopen...

    I want immediate buy and sell, if any one close then immediately open the order

    Here I have mention the working procedure:

    Example: UK alpari broker live trading ticks price, can you check the price in alpari time: 27/09/2010 4:10 onwards
    I want this type of EA trading method and the adjustments

    0.01 lot EURUSD has buy price 1.34630, indidual TP: 1.34645
    0.01 lot sell price : 1.34624, individual TP: 1.34609
    pip step : 40 micro pip ( 5 digit broker)

    if price move down

    0.02 lot buy price: 1.34595, TP: 1.34610,
    now 0.01 sell lot has reach the TP: 1.34609

    if market move down
    0.01 sell lot price: 1.34598, individual TP: 1.34583

    if market move down

    0.01 sell lot has reached, TP: 1.34583
    then another sell
    0.01 sell lot price: 1.34270, Individual TP: 1.34555

    Price is move up, now

    so now sell 0.02 lot
    0.02 lot sell price: 1.34613, individual TP: 1.34598

    price move up
    0.02 lot buy has reach the profit, TP: 1.34610

    price has another move up
    0.01 lot buy has reach TP: 1.34645
    and now
    0.04 lot sell price: 134646, individual TP: 1.34631

    So in your EA I want some more modification :

    1) buy and sell true or false

    2) adjustable & individual Take profit micro pip for 5 digit broker

    Trade able time in GMT Time:
    3) If Trad able time reach, but floating order has not close, new order has not open in buy/sell.

    4) Extended Time in GMT
    In the extended between time floating has closed in profit or when the extended time reach, then the floating order has closed, then stop the trading, when restart the EA then only start the trading.

    5) equity percentage stop loss/profit reached then stop the trading

    profit exclude floating loss/profit, so if floating has loss, it has exclude the profit percentage.

    cut off profit :
    If cut off price has reached, then immediately close all open and close order including floating, then stop the trading, when restart the EA then only start the trading

    thank you funyoo, have a nice day to U

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    Hello Funyoo,

    Please modify this ea, please

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Martingale EA modification