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    Default Fib expansion help

    Hello comunity please help me
    Its a amazing fib expansion tool for all comunity

    fib expansion tool

    That after I set a fibo expansion and put a name on the object for example: "fibsell" he put in limit orders and stop in following levels.

    Levels of fib expansion Orders (limit):
    level A: 0.61 (with spread)
    level B: 1.270 (with spread)
    level C: 1.618 (with spread)

    Levels for fib expansion for Stop Loss:
    level D: 2.618 (with spread)

    Levels for fib expansion for Take profit:
    level E: -1.270 (with spread)

    When i mov anyone of the fib expansion level, the price orders and tp/sl in levels of fibexpansion will be move too.

    extern variables:
    level A;
    level B;
    level C;
    level D;
    level E;

    see attachment example

    please can code this ?
    would be a good tool to use, increased testing, and precision in entries
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Fib expansion help