Dear All Experts,

I need EA that will do opening buy n sell pending order according to Open Price of new H4 Bar (add and subtract by distance point). Also add TP and SL according to value of SL and TP points.
In the process, when one of the pending order is triggered, the other is delete. And if New H4 Bar is form, any last pending order or position will be closed (loss or profit) and make new pending order.

Parameter :
Distance Point = 10 pips
SL = 12 pips
TP = 20 pips

So, every new H4 bar is form, EA will create:
- buy order at Open H4 Price + 10 point distance
- sell order at Open H4 Price - 10 point distance
- delete last pending order that not executed
- close all position (made by previous H4 bar)

The EA itself can be in other timeframe less than H4.

Thanks for viewing this idea, hopefully someone can make it.