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Thread: RS Group JPY EA

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    Default RS Group JPY EA

    EA based on the relative strength basket trading system.

    We go long/short on X/JPY pairs, when the indicator says weak/long (red rsi line over/under white rsi line).

    The EA has to be applied to AUDJPY, CADJPY, CHFJPY, EURJPY, GBPJPY, NZDJPY, and USDJPY, timeframe H1.

    The trades can be closed on opposite signal, or on basketpips (global target in pips).

    We wait an opposite signal to reenter.
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    Levelfilter and crossonly options added.

    extern int levelmode=0;                  // 0=long if white under longlevel, short if white over shortlevel, 1=long if white over longlevel, short if white under shortlevel
    extern int longlevel=50;
    extern int shortlevel=50;
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    My backtesting goes so slow, can you show 2 or 3 years backtesting?

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    Hi Funyoo,

    Please kindly post backtesting and optimised set files for the last 2 years up to now.

    Thanks and regards,
    James Phuc

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    Any set files, foward test or backtests that shows the performance of this ea? what is its edge? where this idea come from? just curious!
    Thank you funyoo.

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    There is a number of eas out there made from this indy. None of which has worked more than a couple weeks.

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