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    Default T3 Snake EA

    Can an EA be make from the cross over of this 2 indicators.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mel8331 View Post
    Can an EA be make from the cross over of this 2 indicators.
    Hi mel8331,

    Here it is. Note that the Snake indicator is repainting on several bars. You will have a lot of bad signals.
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    Its the T3 indicator that is not accurate, if you refresh the indicator on a life chart you will notice that it will draw an entirely different line.

    In view of that, I replace the T3 indicator with the standard Moving Average indicator and here is the modified EA. I am using it on EURUSD H4 period.
    Please correct the EA code if there is any error as I am a novice in coding
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    Hi at all.

    I looked this good EA "T3 Snake EA.mq4‎" and the entry order is perfect...but the exit order and automatic contrary order not function perfect..your have any ideas ?

    where is the error in the code ?

    Thanks and Regards.
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T3 Snake EA

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