MACD Sample - Turbo v1.1 - GBPUSD H1
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Thread: MACD Sample - Turbo v1.1 - GBPUSD H1

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    Cool MACD Sample - Turbo v1.1 - GBPUSD H1

    MACD Sample - Turbo v1.1.mq4 - Free MT4 Expert Advisor

    This free EA is a complete, fully optimized and re-coded version of the Meta Trader 4 'MACD Sample.mq4'.

    It has been in 'live' testing and development for a few years and should continue to deliver profits in 2011 and beyond. Others might charge for such a 'profitable' EA and we have seen much worse offerings on the internet.

    The base code alterations for the 'MACD Sample Turbo v1.x.mq4' also forms part of other ongoing project(s) which will trade on many currency pairs, for future release...

    This version will trade on any currency pair. However, the 'default' settings are fully optimized for the GBPUSD H1 only. We strongly recommend that until we release other fully optimized .sets or EA's that you only trade the GBPUSD H1 with this EA.

    MACD Sample - Turbo v1.1a and v1.1b - FREE MT4 Expert Advisor(s) - Released Feb. 2011

    - TrailingStep added
    - Code fixed and checked for errors.
    - Basic trade information now shown on chart.
    - Now works with 4 and 5 Digit Brokers and ECN Accounts.
    - ServerTimeZone added for automatic / manual GMT setting.
    - Trades are now opened when other trades are already open.
    - Automated Money Management system and / or fixed lot sizes.

    N.B. v1.1b has the MACD Reversal / Exit Signal removed from the code. The main difference being that the EA must hit StopLoss, TakeProfit or TrailingStop. This has both advantages and dis-advantages over v1.1a

    Whilst v1.1b is more profitable in Backtests both EA's will require proper optimization to remain profitable. v1.1a should be considered 'safer' than v1.1b, however if you are looking to trade on other currency pairs or have experience of Manual trading we would advise using v1.1b

    MACD Sample - Turbo v1.0 - Free MT4 Expert Advisor - Released Jan. 2011

    - Added TradeComment.
    - Added true >0 StopLoss.
    - Added SlipPage for Trade Entries.
    - Added MagicNumber with OrderClose checking.
    - Added time filters i.e. hard coded 'Dont Trade on Friday'
    - Added time filters i.e. 'HourStart' and 'HourStop' 8am to 8pm GMT.
    - Re-coded new functions and optimized settings for GBPUSD H1.

    'Default' Settings are Best. It is re-coded to have a much improved Risk / Reward ratio.

    This EA will trade on average between 0 to 2 times a week.

    Included are the backtest results for Start 2009 to End 2010.

    Standard Lot Size 0.1 - Relative Drawdown 6.15% - Net Profit $3501.14 - Backtests for 2007 and 2008 are not as impressive, although up and down, both years did just about finish with profit.


    TakeProfit = 100 is a maximum optimized value. Remember: Trades will automatically be closed with less profit (or loss) if / when the MACD Signal reverses i.e. Partial 'Profit' Taking. (v1.1a)

    You can avoid some losing trades if you manually monitor the MACD Indicator on your chart and follow / avoid News events yourself. However, you may also miss the 'best' big trades with the News release market movements.

    You should realize that we have tried and tested many settings and coding features, such as, adding Close All Friday, Close All End of Day, ADX Height Filters and RSI Filters etc.; but all resulted in less profit !

    It is best to trade only when the GBPUSD pair is moving the most i.e. London open to New York close. Trading on Fridays normally produces a negative result. The hard coding decision to not open trades on Fridays also means that fewer trades are left open over the weekends (to save on swap) whilst trades still have the opportunity to be automatically closed on Fridays. You should be mindful that trades which are left open over a weekend will usually close with a loss, although not always.

    We hope you can win a lot of Pips with this EA / System. However, you trade at your own risk.

    Please visit Free EA - Forex Trading - Market Trading - For Professionals and Beginners - XeroFX for more info. and to download the .mq4 , for future updates and optimized .sets.

    N.B. This EA performs very well in backtests on other pairs and time frames. H1 and M30 would appear to be the best. We will post results and .sets in the Trading System Forex EA backtest thread once they are completed. Other recommended pairs are EURUSD , EURGBP , EURCHF , USDCHF , USDCAD.

    We welcome your suggestions, comments and recommendations for improving this EA, as well as completed backtest results and .sets etc.

    Thank you.


    P.S. Cowabunga Dudes !
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MACD Sample - Turbo v1.1 - GBPUSD H1