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    dear funyoo

    tq for the vq ea...only today i could online to internet, not have time to test it yet, hope its a good thing for me...by the way

    need another help from you to create this simple ea with the same concept to the previous vq ea only its using 2macrossover indicator.

    base on this indicator - 2macrossover.mq4, can you create a simple ea for me, here are my requirement :

    1. when signal 'buy/uptrend' appear it will buy base on my requirements, ex 10pip lot 0.1, after taking profit , it will not open buy although the trend is still uptrend. untill the next signal appear (sell signal)

    2. when the sell signal/downrend appear it will sell, ex 10pip lot 0.1, after taking profit, it will not open new position (sell ), although the trend is still downtrend.

    conclusion : when signal buy it buy take profit and stop op buy, it only wait for sell signal to appear then it will sell.

    3. has an option for op: either op at close bar or new bar

    hopefully tq
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2MA Crossover EA

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