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Thread: A7 Hedge

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    Default A7 Hedge

    HI, funyoo,
    i would love to thank u for this is just great...........
    anyways i would like an EA of this hedge strategy.....

    lets say there are no grid settings......instead lets have stoploss and profit pips.....the idea is tht a total profit of x pip is to be achieved(here x is entered as profit pips) per open hedged positions(i.e if the first order hits stoploss).
    i dont wanna b optimistic therefore i m going to consider an example with atleast 5 wrong positions......
    lets assume the price of the currency is at 200 (i m not considering spread).
    lets say considering the MA period and determining the trend by schaff trend CD the ea goes for a buy position. here i m considering the profit pips to be 2pips and stoploss as 30pips and multiplier as 2....all the 5 positions will hit stoploss and get closed.......the profit target calculation s the main thing.....lets say u incurr a loss of 30 pips at 1lot therefore ur loss is -$ soon as stoploss is hit a new order takes place that is the hedge order which will have the same stoploss but a profit target of {(1/20)*$300}+2 that is 17pips at 2 lots....the profit target is calculated by finding out the breakeven pips and adding the desired profit pips.....therefore since i have a loss of $300 so at 2 lots break even would b 15 pips and hence profit target will be 17 pips......i hope everybody got it.........
    only the first orders profit target is to be set manually...all other orders will have the breakeven pips+profit pips as take profit..(here lets consider it 30pips)

    Lots Price Position Stoploss Profit pips ProfitTarget Profit Total
    0.01 200 BUY 30 2 132 -$3 -$3
    0.02 170 BUY 30 2 187 -$6 -$9
    0.04 140 BUY 30 2 164.5 -$12 -$21
    0.08 110 BUY 30 2 140.125 -$24 -$45
    0.16 90 BUY 30 2 116.25 -$48 -$93
    Now the winning trade which actually hits the profit target
    0.32 60 BUY 30 2 91.06 +$99.4 +$6.4

    as u can see in the above example the profit target increases slowly rangine from 17++ pips.......

    i think the strategy is good and going to work.......but u need to code it keeping in mind the spread thing.........

    if u dont get the strategy please let me know....i will try to explain again....

    the EA should have the following fields
    1. First order take profit:
    2. Stoploss
    3. Profit pips
    4.lot multiplier
    5. lot increment
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    Hi A7med
    It's a martingale.
    Manually, did you make profits with your system ?

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    yes its a martingale.......i dont trade this system often...but i made money by this system...the problem is i have to sit in front of the pc all the time for this strategy...........if this system is incorporated into an will be great........and the system works because as the number of orders increases the profit target decreases per order...... on all other martingale systems u will see tht take profit is either determined by ATR or entered by the user which is fixed for all orders...but here the takeprofit changes per order.......

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    i need this ea

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