COG.X2  Centre COG line Cross
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    Hi dont know if this possible this indicator is from a COG EA.

    Basically i have my own unique manual setting which works for me but have to wait until conditions are met.

    Its simply, Two COG middle lines cross different bar count that trigger a buy/sell work great from me if possible can it be automated if not cheerz anyway.

    My settings but you need to insert in chart & observe the best setting. ie reduce bars ect.
    one for long term trend ..... my settings COG indicator: Numbr bars: 360, Order:1 Ecart: .05
    one for short term trend.....COG indicator: Numbr bars: 90, Order:3 Ecart: .05

    time frame you have to work it out but works on most.


    I dont trade M1 just a graphic example.
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COG.X2  Centre COG line Cross