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    Hi Guys,

    I Just Posted This Pic To Stimulate Everyone To Continue To Do More Home Work And With The Help Of Funyoo The Great Coder, May Be Some Day Soon We Will Get To The Next Level In Forex.

    .................................................. ..................... Anything Is Possible To Him That Believe!

    'hard Faith' + 'hard Work' = 'answers To Your Needs' (q.e.d)
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    Default next level of margin call?

    NO SL, and open positions in deep shit.... good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by onu View Post
    NO SL, and open positions in deep shit.... good luck
    open position dd was caused by broker's non-response to several close order so i decided to leave it and move ahead.

    since then i am now using 'close order' ea to close my trade.
    so dont pay attention to the dd.

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    Can someone please post the indicator that shows the Arrows

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    Im puzzled. this looks like an ea cross over signal? what is it can you give some information?

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Next Level In Fx

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