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    Well the main problem of Ilan basically is trend yes it can be dead on big moves about 250 pips that you said.
    This is screen what I expecting now with Ilan.
    I got in trend but i survive always there.
    here I talk about it and tests coming from 2008 december 12... martingale systems we alwayse use what???? LOTS MULTIPLY is it ?
    why dont we use it for PIPSTEP multiply???

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    Well when this thing will be done right it will not require large capital. Ilan is already requiring 350 dollars to start with. ANd produces 40% from your balance every month. I started it on demo and on real account. Ilan easily handles up to 250 pips in opposite direction and closes with profits. Happened to me several times during February already. Constant profits.

    Below is a 250pip move in opposite direction within last 3 days. Gained 33 $ with 0.01 lots

    I dont trust other eas with small capital because all they do with negatives position is a stop loss. Cant go long doing that, especcialy in this irrationale market.
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    Default Hello

    Hi tkaboris, can you please give us the information which version of Ilan are you using I'm just about done load v. 1.43 is this the one you are currently profiting

    Also can you pls tell us more about your new ideas, the logic behind sound brilliant.

    Thank you and first of most thank you funyoo for this thread.


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    In a long enough period all martingale systems will DESTROY YOUR CAPITAL, and I will prove it:

    Let's assume you have 50% of winning and 50% of losing.

    Martingale systems double the stake each time you lose, and provided you started with 1% of your money it will take 7-8 consecutive losses for your entire capital to vanish. The probability of such event is 0.3906%.

    After 256 trades it is almost certain you reach that point (Divide 1 / probability).

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Forex conquered